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The first AOC Zürisee sparkling wine made from 100% Rärmling, also called Züriseerebe, is the flagship of the Zürischum creators. As with his two siblings, our grapes are cherished and cared for until they are picked by hand after another wonderful summer in Zurich and then fermented in the bottle according to the 'Méthode Traditionnelle'.

The Rauschling grape:

An extremely rare grape, only 20 hectares are grown worldwide, the majority of which is located in the canton of Zurich, along Lake Zurich. Lake Zurich not only offers a beautiful view, but also gives off additional warmth to the vines through the reflection of the sun. Both of these make the Rärmling a Zurich specialty with subtle fruit and elegant acidity. Fine, floral scents dominate the nose, the palate lives mainly from its animating acidity, spiciness and fine citrus aromas.


The Petit Meslier grape is a close relative of the Noiseling and is also a rare grape,

which grows in Champagne, where several top manufacturers produce small series of exclusive champagne based on it. This has led the two food engineers behind the Zürischum to apply the 'champagne method' to the local Rärmling grapes.


Our Blanc des Blancs is a dry ('Brut') sparkling wine.

Its sugar content is at the lower end of the scale before extra dry / extra brut.

Tasting note:

'Finely sparkling, dry, fresh, fruity, straightforward and with a good length'

(limited to 2,500 bottles)

Zürischum Blau

  • Herkunft Land: Schweiz

    Weinfarbe: Blanc

    Temperatur: 8 - 10°C

    Alkoholgehalt: 12%

    Rebsorte: Räuschling

    Herkunft Region: Zürichsee AOC

    Passt zu: Z'Morge, Z'Mittag, Z'Nacht.

    Herstellungsprozess: Traditionelle Flaschengärung

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